Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What does rigid mean?

A: Rigid means that the lace has no give in it.

Q: Why do you give two numbers as a width for an allover?

A:Because the lace is framed, as part of the dying process, to give the lace its best appearence the width may vary slightly.

Q: What does Flounce mean?

A: Flounce means that the all over has a scallop on one or both edges.

Q: What is a selvedge?

A: A selvedge is a strip on the side of an all over lace that is not usable.

Q: What is Lurex?

A: Lurex is a shiney yarn/ mettalic yarn found in some of our laces.

Q: What is an all over lace?

A: An all over lace like a fabric, we stock it on rolls. usually anything over 100cm width is classed as an allover.

Q: Is V.A.T. included in all the prices?

A: Yes, V.A.T. is included in all our prices.

Q: How do you measure the width on trimming Laces?

A: We always measure from the widest point, from edge to edge.